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complexity bad

This looks like a gamified programming challenge, in a format sort of like cryptohack (but much less content), with a focus on distributed systems. Seems like a fun way to play with distributed systems programming in a gamified environment.

One of many well-delivered talks about the Roc language.

Roc Tutorial
I just noticed that Roc has a tutorial now! The last time I poked at it, it was difficult to find any documentation. Now there's a pretty neat onborading guide. I'm excited for Roc. I enjoy the aesthetics of the language, and totally trust Richard Feldman's design sensibility. Let's hope this goes places. Also: this might be a good language for Advent of Code 2023.

I really liked this article. It's well written, easy to understand, motivating, requires extremely little previous knowledge - and covers a lot of ground. It has cool visualizations and neat minimals examples of critical princples. I liked it. Go read it. It's fun, I promise.

Virker som en meget god ide: en fødereret protokol hvor klienter ikke er begrænset til at bruge én server, og man behøver ikke stole på nogle af relaysne.

Virker comfy at blande p5js’ portability med nim’s pæne syntax.

Wow jeg har fundet en helt vildt fed hjemmeside